We Build Digital

Software solutions from start to finish: Vision, strategy, product design, implementation, and delivery.

About us

Since 1992, we have built hundreds of innovative and successful digital projects for both government agencies and leading multinational corporations. We continue to deliver value through enterprise Web applications as well as custom software that runs on tablets, on mobile devices, and even in automobiles for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Our services

Our services map to our adaptive development process that jumpstarts digital innovation and delivers tangible software. Our services support you no matter where you are in the cycle - from vision through delivery.
Vision & Alignment
Vision & Alignment
Define a vision and align it with resources. Collaborate with us to sharpen the project vision and uncover capabilities in technology, operations, and strategy. Let us help you develop your new digital offering from inside or outside your organization.
Digital Strategy
Digital Strategy
Evaluate and establish a solid strategic approach to realize project goals. All decisions have trade-offs, and our teams work with you to identify the risks, dependencies, and assumptions to develop a successful plan.
Solution Design
Solution Design
Integrated with your teams, we develop a comprehensive solution unique to your business goals. From a revamped business process to a complex systems architecture, we deliver a design in line with both your current and future needs.
Implementation & Delivery
Implementation & Delivery
Fulfill the promise of your vision, strategy, and design. Benefit from over 20 years of software development experience by letting us deliver your project in quick iterations, with our verification and your feedback in each cycle.

Our approach

Understanding your objectives

What are your objectives? Collaborating with you to clarify your vision is the first step in our time-tested, agile process.

The right people

The unique requirements of your project will dictate the optimum mix of our talented consultants, architects, and engineers. You will have the right people in the room.

Transparency assured

Your team will be honest, direct, and highly communicative. The team lead for your project hosts brief daily meetings to continuously monitor progress and then reports to you regularly with full transparency.

Global reach

To reach global markets, you want to be confident that you are working with a partner with extensive experience building solutions for multinational companies based both in the US and abroad.

By water

A 20-minute ferry ride from San Francisco is the fastest way to Digital Foundry. Grab a drink and enjoy the views of San Francisco, Alcatraz, Angel Island and the Golden Gate Bridge. Digital Foundry is just across the street from the ferry dock in Tiburon. Not a bad way to commute!

By road

Bike or drive to Digital Foundry from San Francisco, and take in the stunning sites around the Bay – the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, and the water-front running paths in Tiburon. To find our parking lot, continue past Main Street to the traffic circle and take the last turn on the right. Then walk past the booth and across the footbridge to our office.